Monday, December 21, 2009

Image Editing


This is three different pictures altered to make the car look as if it were racing itself. There are those sketchy Photoshop jobs you see all over. However We use the very finest in image altering software. We can edit almost any kind of image graphic or logo, all to suit your projects.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Website Construction

PATCAM Web Designs offers many web based solutions, and of course Website Construction is a particular favorite. Whether it be creating an Index, Home Page or linking common Web Pages, we have the tools and the talent to deliver a unique, presentable and most importantly user-friendly appeal to impress your viewers.

When thinking in terms of possibilities involved with your web page content, endless is really an understatement. There are so many uses for web pages, it's easy to imagine the different options working for you. Create endless order-forms or reports that are automatically stored and archived, ready for you to edit or view anytime, anywhere. Whether your focus is aimed towards online security or a re-organization strategy, creating web based platforms eliminates the headache involved with paperwork. You can start your companies movement towards Going Green by utilizing the features made available to you by PATCAM Web Designs. We take pride in helping eliminate the use of paper-based modes of data storage. Setting up a data-backed storage of information online makes storage space and data-loss a thing of the past. 

Contact Us today to see how we can put your business "OnLine" and deliver your company to the world.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accept Applications Online

Imagine a world, where sifting through lengthy employee applications is a thing of the past. No more making copies, filing volumes of 'hire' 'nohire' folders. Have the information you need to make an executive decision. Additional links and features are available that can help research the backgrounds of the people you are hiring. Have previous information on hand from prior applications that may have been submitted by previous applicants, references or prior work histories. 

American Eagles Online Application

Set questions that trigger additional inquiries from the form. For example, if the applicant selects 'Yes' to having previous experience, a hidden field appears that allows the applicant to ellaborate on experience history.

Have Submissions sent to email and/or text messages (Note: standard text messages and rates apply from your mobile provider). We can also Custom Catalogue your entries and add links and tools that make Navigating through your Web Space a snap.

PATCAM Web Designs is equipped to design and host your Web Site (www.you.com). See our Website Construction section for layout ideas. Have a Front Page built that links all your platforms together for an eye pleasing, well organized Home Screen on your computer's Web Browser. Photo Galleries and Image Archiving available as well as web site traffic based on search results provided by leading Search Engines.